An Excited Dog Jumps from a 4-story Apartment Upon Seeing Her Owner Come Home After 2 Weeks

The excitement dogs feel when their owners come home after a while is incomparable. Recently, in Peru, a dog owner named John Alexander Palomino Bendives worked in the field for 2 weeks and came home after his work was done. Coming home to his family, together with his girlfriend, his dogs were excited to see him arrive, and one of them, Mina, jumped in excitement to his owner’s arms from the 4th floor of their apartment.

John lives on the 4th floor with his mother and 4 dogs. Upon coming home, John and his girlfriend looked up, which is assumed that his dogs were greeting him and were very excited that he is finally home. While waiting for someone to open the front door, John was alerted and caught the dog named Mina, who jumped out of the window from the 4th floor. Fortunately, John saw her and caught her in time.

Mina did not seem frightened to jump and was wagging her tail when John caught her. “It was really dangerous! Luckily, she wasn’t hurt. She didn’t seem to know what was going on, and she was very happy,” John said, horrified.

To watch the video, click HERE.

Although Mina was caught in time by John, he still thought about the safety of his dogs since that day. He wanted to prevent another incident as such to happen again. “I’m going to put an extra fence on the window so the dogs, at least, don’t risk falling, and they can see outside. I love my fur kids, and they always greet them with love and enthusiasm. Me, I spend most of the time with them when I’m at home.” John said.

All our furbabies know is the excitement they feel when we come home. There are incidents they are unaware of that may be dangerous for them, such as running out into a busy street. Keep your pets safe always. Be cautious.

Credits: boMb01

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