He Helps His Wife to Take Dοg For Haircut, Cοmes Hοme with Wrοng Dog

Mr. Sαlαzar is a very good husband. One day his wife was very busy doing house chore at home and she asked him to take the dog to grοοmer for nice hair cut.

Mr. Sαlαzar is not really a dog person, but he respects his wife’s hobby to having a dog in the house.  He happily took the dog to the grοοmer for the hair cut an patiently waited for the long process.

Sαlαzar was happy to ease his wife’s workload at home and hoped she will compliment him after he brought the clean and beautiful dog back to home.

When he reached home with the dog, the wife spotted something unusual,  her husband Sαlαzar brought the WRONG DOG back home!

She couldn’t believe her eyes, and quickly used her smart phone to shoot the video that went viral later.

Sαlαzar looked really innocent,  it’s not his fault he said,  the grοοmer gave him the wrong dog, but he couldn’t even recognize his own dog? come on man!

Do I know you dude? 

Finally Sαlαzar can’t stop laughing and admitted his mistake and quickly went back to the grοοmer, hopefully the owner of this dog won’t freak out and went crazy for losing their dog.

Even though this is a mistake, people found it amazed to watch the clip and had a good laugh.

This video also showed the Husbands can never satisfy their wife with their mediocre work standard and deserve getting lectures from the wife side, don’t you think?


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