Dοg Pops His Head Out From Mailbοx Everyday To Say Hello to Neighbοurhοοd

Rιgby is such an adorable canine who loves his neighbor so much. Rιgby loves to make full use of the mailbox in the house by sticking his head through it and see the outside world.

Rιgby is always lovely and love to greet anyone pass by his house. The mail man, neighbors and pedestrians couldn’t ignore how cute Rιgby is when he sticks out his head via the mailbοx.

Maybe Rιgby wished to go outside to play but his body is already too big to penetrate the small hole so only his head is able to make it through and making the cute photo that went viral.

Rιgby don’t like to just stay in his house and do nothing. The outside world is too beautiful for Rιgby and he wished to go for a dog walk with his mom. The mailbox hole is able to resolve this issue when his mom is too busy doing house chores, and Rιgby is able get some fresh air via the hole and also greet his neighbor.

The mail man has some little issue though because he doesn’t know where to put the letter, so he decided to let the dog to bite the envelope because the mailbox is already occupied. The mail man is very surprised to see a dog head in the mailbox and this is truly a rare scenery.

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