Man Adopted 2 Unwanted Pitbulls and the Dogs Saved Him from Robbbers who Entered His Home

Although dogs are known to be “man’s best friend,” Pitbulls are known to be a ferocious breed. They are rarely adop+ted from shelters due to their reputation as being unpredictable. A man who decided to adopt 2 unwanted Pitbull dogs from a shelter proved that people’s impressions of this breed can be mistaken, and they can be very loyal to their owners.

Robert McGowan adopted the 2 Pitbulls he named Ellabelle and Ladybug from an animal shelter near his home. He discovered that they were unwanted and lived a life of abuse from their previous owners. They were neglected most of the time. When they were sent to the animal shelter, nobody came to adopt these 2 rescued Pitbulls due to the impact this breed has on people. Luckily, Robert came by and decided to adopt them. He immediately felt a connection with the two female dogs.

“They’re very docile and timid,” Robert said to The Dodo. “They’re not aggressive at all.” Ellabelle and Ladybug finally found their “forever” home. With Robert, they felt what love really was with their new owner.

One fateful night, when Robert was out in the garage, sitting on a chair beside his car. With his garage door opened, 4 unknown men suddenly came in and attac+ked him. “One just punched me straight in the eye. I was knocked off my chair.” Robert recalled.

Feeling confused and disoriented, he heard one of the men yell at him, demanding the keys to his car. He said that they were inside the house. Luckily, Ellabelle and Ladybug were also inside the house and sitting by the door to the garage. As soon as the 4 unknown men entered, the 2 female Pitbulls charged at them. The men ran out screaming, and the next thing Robert saw was the dogs standing over him.

“They chased them out,” Robert McGowan said. “My girls ran into the garage and stood over me. They stood there barking, making it clear that no one was going to hurt me anymore. The four people took off.”

The 4 unknown men were never seen again from then on. The intimidating look they showed toward them off scared the men. Although the aftermath of the incident left Robert and the 2 Pitbulls dazed and confused. Fortunately, nothing was stolen from the house, and Robert’s only injury was a black eye from the attack. Thanks to the loyal Pitbulls, Ellabelle, and Ladybug, Robert was saved.

The impression people have of aggressive breeds of dogs can be a misconception. More often than not, dogs only release aggression when a threat is nearby. Robert urges people who decide to adopt in a local shelter to consider giving any breed of dog a good home. They deserve to have a great life.

“They are rescues. Unwanted dogs. They saved my life,” he said. “Please consider adopting a rescue. They might save your life too. I gave Ellabelle and Ladybug toys and treats. They got good stuff. They deserve it.”

When nobody wanted the Pitbulls due to misconception, Robert McGowan rescued them from the shelter, and in return, they saved his life. A great win on both sides.


Source: GodUpdates and Animal Channel

Images credits: © Robert McGowan/The Dodo

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