Man’s Car Door is Open at Gas Station, A Dog Enters his Car And Seeks to Join His Family

Life is unpredictable and can drastically improve overnight if you just don’t give up trying and strive to stay positive.

One dog, who had been staying around the gas station for years, made the best decision of her life to change her destiny.

Bill was on the way back to his home in Missouri after a fishing trip.  He stopped by a gas station for a washroom break and just kept his car door opened because he wasn’t expect to be taking too long.

The clever puppy noticed Bill’s car door is opened and she didn’t take long to make the best decision of her life.

She quickly approached the car and without any hesitant jumped into the car and sit comfortably on the front passenger car seat.

She doesn’t look to be in a perfect condition though with unhealthy skin tone and curling her body together to stay comfortable.

Bill finished his washroom break and went back to his car to continue the journey.  He was super surprised to find a skinny dog sitting on his passenger car seat!  Fortunately,  Bill is a dog lover and he quickly offered some dog treats to the poor dog.

The dog appreciated his kindness and returned a sweet expression to thank Bill.  Bill knew the dog is not just any puppy but she is destined to be together with him for the rest of her life.   He couldn’t resist to chase the dog out and decided to take it home.

Bill already has few dogs in his house so he quickly called his wife to seek permission.  Her wife agreed to the proposition and he was very happy to get another dog to join his family.

The couple had been working effortlessly throughout the years to help animals in needs.  They initially struggled to find the good name for this new puppy but after few discussions,  they decided to name the puppy “River” because Bill found the dog after his fishing trip.

Bill gave the best bath to River to ensure she is clean and comfortable.  Later Bill brought her to see the vet to have a thorough medical check up.

The vet prescribed River with antibiotics to help her cure from worm problem and ensure River could continue to stay healthy after she settled down in her new home.

River obviously enjoyed to stay at her new home.  As compared to the gas station that is vulnerable to weather and food challenges,  Bill’s house offers River the much safest environment.

River was settling extremely well in her new home.  She started to play with other dogs in the house and enjoys playing the toys in Bill’s house.

River cannot stop thanking her new daddy and mommy and always show her appreciation to be staying with them.

Every dog deserves to live in a comfortable place and we hope River will be happy forever in Bill’s house.

It takes two hands to clap.  Both decisions of River and Bill matched together and lead to this happy ending.  Life is never bad forever and will take a sharp turn if we keep trying and take the opportunity ahead of us.

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