A Stranger Cat Provides Comfort to a Tired Nurse on a Break from Hectic Schedule at Work

Most exhausted employees on a job find solace in the most unusual ways. Some of them are fortunate that relief from stress comes in times when you need them the most. A tired nurse is one of them when a stray cat came to him for a short nap, and the nurse found it comforting.

In 2020, when the pandεmic struck and the lοckdοwn was implemented around the world, hospitals were full, and the staff was working overtime almost daily. Even medical students like Ahmed Flaty, who was undergoing an internship in a hospital in Egypt, felt exhausted from his hectic schedule at the hospital.

During one of his shifts, he took a short break and went outside for relaxation and some sunshine. While chatting with a colleague, a stray cat suddenly approached him and sat on his lap. Ahmed felt like the cat knew he needed comfort from a busy day and decided to help him release stress.

“I was sitting down to talk with a friend of mine in front of the hospital where we have our internship year, and as I was speaking with him when this little kitten walked up to me,” Flaty said, remembering the day.

“She didn’t meow or anything — just looked at me, then climbed onto my lap, looked at me for a bit, and then slept. Stray animals in Egypt are generally treated very badly. So, a kitten or a dog coming up to a human this way, especially when there wasn’t any food involved, is very weird.”

Ahmed was a bit surprised when the stray cat came to him, though he welcomed her without hesitating. Animals, too, need comfort and roaming the streets every day could be quite exhausting. The cat snuggled up to him and slept on his lap for about 15 to 20 minutes. When she woke up, she leaped and just walked away. At that instant, Ahmed went back to work.

“I had been on 12-hour shift continuously for like 20 days straight, but that cat made all that seem like nothing,” Flaty said. “Honestly, it really was the best moment of this whole year so far.”

Ahmed Flaty loves animals and had planned to adopt a dog or a cat. Unfortunately, his hectic schedule at the hospital did not provide him with enough time to do so, and he knew that his shifts at work would not be flexible enough for him to take care of a pet. So far, he has not seen the stray cat since that day he had a chance encounter with her, though he is always on the lookout during his breaks if ever she decides to return.

Image credits: © Ahmed Flaty

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