Japanese Office Staffs Found Out They Are Being Monitored by a “CCTV Cat”

Company pays salary for officer worker to work hard in the office and not playing Facebook.

Management uses various ways to monitor their staff’s performance and many bosses love to install CCTV in the office to ensure they are working hard and not drinking Starbucks outside.

An office in Japan obviously had limited budget to install the CCTV so the boss sent the ultimate spy to monitor their work progress.

A group of office workers in Japan found out there was a CAT spying on them from the hole of the ceiling.

They quickly took the photos and posted it on Twitter and has attracted heated discussions among netizens.

“I wonder how many Meow-Pixel this camera has?” some people were asking the technical question.

“This 007 Cat is more advanced than the high tech CCTV,” some said.

“The CCTV Cat is not just monitoring the staffs  but also give the staff a sneaky look to ensure they are working hard instead of playing Facebook.”

“Guys, it’s better to get back to work, else the boss will know what you are doing.”

“Cats are more scarier than CCTV because they are constantly judging us humans.”

No one knew how the cute cat got up there on the ceiling and gave the office workers a scary look.  However, the hilarious incident in the office definitely made everyone had a good laugh.

A office worker quickly sent the photo to his friend and posted it on Twitter and making even more people enjoyed the good laugh.

We hope the boss can give this cat a good pay raise as it was doing such a good job monitoring the lazy staffs who are playing Facebook and not working hard. LOL.

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