23 years old Chihuahua is Happy to Celebrate his Surprised Birthday Party in the Shelter

He’s a 23 years old chihuahua, the oldest dog in the shelter and it is very rare for this breed to reach to this age and he can’t believe the staffs at the shelter remembered his 23rd birthday.

He has a very masculine name, Bully. But he is kind Chihuahua for sure and have been very friendly and active.

The staffs at the Shelter wanted to give Bully a huge surprise at his 23rd birthday so they decided to organize a memorable birthday party for him and started to buy all the decorations, balloons, birthday hat and birthday cakes.

Bully was sent in to the shelter by his previous owner who was too old to take good care of Bully.

Fortunately,  the owners of the Shelter, Chris Hughes and his wife,  have been Bully’s primary caretakers for a many years now.

Chris Hughes and his wife put a lot of effort to organize the best birthday party for Bully. They mentioned that Bully don’t have a lot of teeth left , so they bought him some softer cookies.

According to the caretakers, Bully loves to sleep and enjoyed the soft cookies they specially bought for him.

On the big day of the celebration, the guests could see a huge “23” numbers golden balloons stood up handsomely on the sofa and Bully was wearing his birthday cap to post for the photoshoot together with the balloons.

Every guests enjoyed the birthday party and Bully felt very happy to see people celebrating his birthday with him.  Capturing the photo is important for keep the memory and share it with thousands if not millions of netizens and dog lovers in the world to remind that dogs are part of our families too.

Nonetheless, Bully is still an very old dog with many health problems, his caregivers do not know how much time he has left to live, for them it was important to celebrate the big day while they still can.  We wish all the best to the staffs at the shelter and hope they will continue to do good job helping animals in needs.


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