A Perfectly Round Egg Laid by Rescue Hen is Put on Sales on eBay for Charity

Eggs are nutritious and  essential on breakfast menu that normally come in oval shapes.  It’s extremely rare to find a perfectly round egg anywhere in the world. Base on statistics, a perfectly round egg is so rare that it’s ‘One in a billiοn’.

A lucky hen in a sweet family in West Oxfordshire, UK, lives freely on the range and taken care by Annabεl and her daughters.

One day Annabεl discovered her hen Twinkie laid a unique egg in perfectly round shape.  Annabεl described the egg loos like marble ball and can roll perfectly on table.

She was ecstatic and quickly turned on her laptop to google about perfectly round egg and found out the egg is truly ‘one in a billion’.

As a loving and kind-hearted person, Annabεl instantly thought of putting this unique on sales on eBay to raise some money for the Charity.

She did some research and found out someone sold another perfectly round shape egg on eBay for £500 before and she hoped to get the similar result too.

On eBay, she emphasized that this egg is not to be eaten and should be cherished by the buyer for as long as possible.  She was superbly happy to find out the highest bid for her egg reached £480, very closed to the old record of £500.  She was happy about the price and willing to sell it to the bidder.

What do you think about the round egg? Have you seen one before at your grocery store?

Please don’t simply eat the egg , and you can share it online with your friends to see and cherish it together for this kind of ‘One in a billion’ egg.

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