A man helped an elderly everyday to push his cart up the slope; Today the old man did not show up instead 20 luxury sports cars were seen parked by the roadside and an old man alighted from one of the cars

Lee Tat finished his morning shift and was heading home. He had lunch and sat in front of his house to rest. Suddenly he noticed an old man pushing his tricycle laden with recyclable materials up the slope opposite his house.

The scavenger was an old man around the age of seventy. His face was full of wrinkles, A head of white hair with a bent body was trying to cycle up the slope. He was trying hard to cycle up the slope but it seems like the process was very slow and it seems like he wasn’t advancing at all.

Lee Tat was a kind man. He saw the old man struggling to cycle up the slope but was unable to move an inch so he stood up ran over and told the old man: “Uncle, let me give you a push.”

He set his hands on the tricycle and started to push it with all his might. The tricycle was laden with recyclable materials and was very heavy. Lee Tat got himself dirty and he was covered in rust and dirt. After reaching the top of the slope, the old man felt sorry that Lee Tat soiled himself. He quickly thanked Lee Tat.

Lee Tat disagreed with the old man’s apologies and said: “Uncle, don’t worry. I just got home from work and my house is just below the slope. All I need is a refreshing bath and a new set of clothes.”

Two days later around noon time, after Lee Tat had his lunch and was resting on the porch, he saw the old man riding the tricycle again. It was laden with recyclable materials.

Half way up the slope, the old man had difficulties going up the slope. Again Lee Tat ran over and gave the old man a helping hand.

Lee Tat said: “Uncle, it is not easy to cycle up this slope. Why don’t you go to another recycling centre?”

The old man wiped his sweat and replied Lee Tat with a huge smile: “The recycling center on top of this slope gives a better rate than other recycling centers. It is twenty cents more per kilogram. That is the reason why I toil to get my recyclables up the slope.”

After hearing the old man’s words and looked at the old man’s shirt which was old and sweaty, Lee Tat’s heart became sore : This person’s livelihood is not easy. For an extra twenty cents this old man rather toil up this slope to sell his recyclable materials.

But with a difference of twenty cents, a cart laden with recyclables could easily be more than ten dollars and he could buy meat and vegetables with it or to get a nice toy for his grandchildren. It would be worth it to toil a little harder to see the happiness of others.

Lee Tat told the old man: “uncle, why not like this, every lunch time I would come home and have my lunch. From today onwards if you want to sell your wares and need my assistance, you can come to my house and give me a call then I will come and help you push your cart up the slope.”

The old man panicked and rubbed his hands: “Young man, I don’t feel comfortable to let you trouble yourself with my troubles.”

Lee Tat answered: “No worries, life is always hard on earth. It is our fate to meet up. If I can help then I would gladly help. Let us come to an agreement then!”

Although the old man felt uneasy with the young man’s decision and it seems he needed someone to help him push his cart up the slope so he agreed to the young man’s help.

From then onwards, the old man would push his cart uphill everyday to sell his wares. He would come around noon when the young man was home. As days went by, Lee Tat has helped the old man pushed his cart up the slope for a month.

Today, after Lee Tat had his lunch and was waiting at his porch for the old man to show up, but he did not come by his house at all. Lee Tat waited for two hours and yet the old man did not show up. Suddenly a lot of luxury cars stopped by the road side. Lee Tat counted and : “Wow! That’s a lot of luxury cars! Twenty in total!”

Lee Tat felt curious. Why are there so many luxury cars in front of my house? Just as Lee Tat who was feeling curious with these luxury cars that stopped in front of his house, A middle aged man alighted his car and helped someone out of the passenger seat. Lee Tat was dumbfounded to see the old man coming out of the car!

The middle aged man helped the old man over to Lee Tat. The middle aged man was the old man’s son. He was a big company’s President and has a net worth of a billion. The old man has been a scavenger for his whole life. He toiled hard searching for recyclables and with the recycled materials he pick up and sold for money, he raised his son to be a successful businessman.

The old man’s son is now very successful and the money his son has could not be used up in this lifetime. But the old man was used to a hard life and did not like the idea of retiring, so he pushed his trusty tricycle again and started collecting recyclable materials. The old man is willing to travel further away and cycle his cart up a slope to earn an extra twenty cents for his wares. Lee Tat gave the old man a big help and now the old man wanted to repay his good deeds so he brought his son along and introduced Lee Tat to him.

The old man’s son told Lee Tat: “Tomorrow onwards, come to my company to work. Your position would be the Deputy General Manager of my company. Your salary would be half a million and if you are good in your work, I will double it in the coming year.

Lee Tat replied shyly: “I am only small salary earner. I never thought of working in a big company and I might not have the experience to do so…”

The middle aged man laughed at Lee Tat and said: “I believe that you will be able to handle this task. I did a background check on you. You graduated as a marketing professional so taking up a sales position is your perfect choice of work. You are over qualified for the position you have now in that small company. Your abilities are not thoroughly utilized by them. If given the chance, you will shine brightly. Furthermore, you are a kind person willing to help when there are troubles. So I believe you will be a great asset to my company!”

Lee Tat did not say anything but gave the old man a bow then turned towards the middle aged man bowed and replied: “I respect your decision and will take up the position as the Deputy General Manager of my company.”

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