Meet Cinnamοn, a Puppy with Curly Ears Resembling Cinnamοn that Went Viral

Most dogs have pointy ears and rarely with curly ears.  Without surprise, when this puppy’s photo posted online,  it went super viral.

Meet Cinnamon,  just like his name implies,  she has the cutest and curly dog ears in the world that resembling the cinnamon buns.  How cute !

Pit Sisters is an organization that helps animals in need.  When the president of Pit Sisters Jen Deane  received an urgent call to save ten puppies,  Deane didn’t expect to find the cutest thing in the world that will went viral like crazy later.

Deane has seen thousands of dogs before for sure, but Deane said she has never seen one with a cinnamon bun ears before so this has proven Cinnamon is truly a unique dog.

Deane said that all the ten puppies have been given up by previous owner and wondering on the street and they were about 5 weeks old.

They were all put in a special medical care and have been living healthily in the shelter.

Deane fall in love with Cinnamon’s brother and decided to take him home.  Another lucky family managed to adopt Cinnamon and brought her home with them.  The puppies were just 8 weeks old at that time.

“Cinnamοn is very feisty, in a good way,” Deane said. “She’s really sweet and gets along well with other dogs. Her ears just match her personality — quirky and really fun.”

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