Little Girl Dressed as Red Riding Hood is Super Cute and the Husky Besides Her Makes Them Goes Viral Instantly

The little red riding hood is a classic bed time story about the brave little girl visiting her grandma in the wood and a bad wolf disguising as her grandma.  The story is cute yet scary too and a little bit violent but somehow people love this story because of the cute little red riding hood’s costume.  It’s one of the most popular choice for children to wear during the Halloween.

A cute little young girl named Agata who lives in the lovely town called Cortina d’Ampezzo in Italy followed her mom to celebrate in a carnival.  Her mom chose the little red riding hood as a costume.

But wait, what about the cheeky wolf who disguising as her grandma?  This wolf is definitely an important role for sure.

She got the perfect idea and looked a the husky dog in the house.  The Husky looks very similar to the wolf which is the perfect guy to be dressed as the wolf !  Boom,  the pair looks perfect together and complete the whole story.

Agata looks perfect with her red hat and dress and she looks absolutely adorable.

The Husky pup Yanuk was dressed as the bad wolf disguising as the grandma by wearing a purple scarf, little pink hat and a pair of old person’s reading glasses.

The duo looks perfect together and complete the red riding hood story and we have never seen anything like that.

Yanuk the Husky seems to be very protective of Agata and stays close to her all the time and they share the best friendship together.

Agata is lucky to have Yanuk to grow up together by her side and their photos are the cutest thing and making people happy around the world.


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