Grandpa Will Only Purchase the Sofa If His Beloved Dog Approves It So He brings It Along

Our Family is important to all of us.  When we want to buy a car, we will bring the family members along to the showroom to ensure they like riding in the car too.  When we want to buy a Sofa for our living room that we will sit there enjoy watching TV for many years, we also want to bring our family members along to ensure we all approve it, the style and the color of the sofa need to meet everyone’s expectation!

We cannot believe that the Grandpa Mr. Aleecia Dahl was once not a dog lover and he was not a big fan of having pet in the house.

Things have seen changed a lot after the cute white dog Coco entered his life.

Mr. Dahl told the dοdo,  Cοcο is his best friend and they cannot be separate.

Grandpa loves the companion of Cοco together in the living and watching TV together.

The Sofa in the living room has become old and not comfortable anymore and Grandpa decided to shop for a new one.

Instead of shopping for the Sofa by himself,  he immediately thought of Coco.  “Wait, I need Cοco to like the Sofa as well because he is always sitting together with me”.

The staff at the furniture shop welcomed Coco to visit their shop too and let them tried many Sofa.

Not all Sοfa can meet their requirement and finally Grandpa found one that is comfortable to sit and there is also a spot where Cοco can relax there by his side perfectly.

Grandpa was happy with his choice  of purchase and his beloved dog Cοco approved it too.

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