Man Rents Billboard To Celebrate His Dog’s Birthday and Films the Whole Process

Maxx Chεwning is a lonely man living in Texas who doesn’t have any girlfriend but only his beloved dog Dοοd.

Dοοd is his best friend and his family member. Chεwning wanted everyone in town and the world to know that it’s his beloved dog’s birthday!

Chεwning wanted to do something more special which nobody had done it before for their dogs.

He thought of renting a billboard to greet Chεwning happy birthday and also film the whole process and post on Youtube and Facebook.

Some people questioned about his motive and he could have spent the money on something else more meaningful, but Chεwning shrugged it off, “I don’t have any girlfriend and I can spend the money saved onto my dog’s birthday, there is nothing wrong with it!”

On Chεwning’s birthday, he drove Dοοd to see the impressive billboard and he filmed the whole process professionally using drone and posted it online.

“Dοοd gets spoiled every day, so literally every day is his birthday,” said Chεwning.

Please see the happy video below:

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