A Little Dog Relies on Her Older Brother to Do Everything for Her

Best friends are forever. That is a fact. They remain friends no matter what situation tries to tear them apart. Through good times and bad, best friends stay loyal and have each other’s backs. They pull each other up through mischief and love to go on adventures and have fun.

Believe it or not, dogs who are best friends have the same level of loyalty as humans. They get into mischief more than humans do, and together they get away from bad situations the best way they could. 2-year-old Bella is highly energetic and gets into trouble most of the time when her initial intent is only to go on an adventure. Fortunately, Bella has the perfect partner who consents to her mischief.

Senior dog Hank is 10 years old and an older brother to Bella. While Bella lives with her human mom Adriana Burkhart, Hank lives with Adriana’s parents. Fortunately, they see each other daily and are inseparable.

“They absolutely love each other,” Adriana Burkhart said. “Bellα lives with me, and Hαnk stays with my parents, but whenever I bring her home, they both go crazy when they see each other.”

Smart dog Bella realized that Hank is much bigger than she is, and this prompted her to resort to Hank for help in doing things that she could not do by herself. With Hank’s consent, Bella would situate herself on top of Hank’s back and imagine that she is a big dog while older brother Hank does not seem to mind.

“Pretty much every day, Bellα is at least laying on him,” Adrianα said, laughing. “She’ll also jump on him when she needs a boost. ”

Bellα takes advantage of situations when she is perched on top of Hank. She begs for treats from her mom or observes what her mom is cooking in the kitchen. Incidentally, the two siblings have a similar fur color. Bellα instantly blends in with Hank, and she can be inconspicuous.

Bellαcould be an advantage to Hank. Since he is a senior dog, he tends to sleep most of the day or lounge around the house. With Bellα around, he tends to move around more and be adventurous.

“Hαnk is getting pretty old, so it’s good for him to have a dog like Bellα that keeps him active — but he doesn’t have to try and keep up with her too much,” Burkhαrt said.

Bella and hank may be sweet and loyal dogs while on their own, but together they make a great team and are not afraid in getting into little troubles that do minimal harm to none at all.

Images credits: © Adriana Burkhart

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