Police Officer Saves Two Kittens and They Thought He’s Their Mother

Officer Jοe Bοb Adkιns is an award winning police officer. He had just recently won The South District Officer of the Year Award for keeping the communities safe and fighting the bad guys.

Recently Adkιns was dealing with a shoplifting case in locatl TJ Maxx and after they had settled the case, Adkιns didn’t expect another one case was coming.

Two kittens were stuck inside a woman’s car bumper and was spotted by a woman after she heard some noise coming out from the car.

She saw Adkιns and quickly asked for help.  The police officers were more than happy to assist the woman.

Adkιns got down on the floor and saw the two kittens hidden inside the car bumper.

He carefully grabbed the two kittens and removed them from the bumper to save them.  If the kittens were stuck inside the bumper in a moving car, they could have been injured and luckily Adkιns did the good deed.

Adkιns put the two kittens on his shoulder and chest and sent them to see the vet.

In the police car, the two cute kittens like Adkιns very much and can’t stop cuddling on Adkιns.  They thought Adkιns is their mother.

They absοlutely adοred cuddling with Adkιns, and curled up οn his chest in the sweetest way.

The vet checked on the two kittens and determined that they were about 6 weeks old and in good condition.

Adkιns wanted to name the two kittens and since he saved the two kitten outside TJMaxx so he named the two kittens “TJ” and “Max”.

Adkιns sent the two kittens to the shelter and posted his story online.  Few days later a family adopted TJ and Max and now they are living happily in a loving home.

We want to thank Adkιns for your assistance to save two cute little life and love to see the way TJ and Max cuddling on your chest.


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