Caring Dog Checks On Triplets and Take Good Care of Them

This dog is too sweet to check on the newborn triplets to ensure their well-being.

Lauren Barnes had just given birth to the triplets and they were 2 months old babies.

The three babies were resting on the couch comfortably one afternoon.  Sunny the dog wanted to ensure the babies were doing okay and stretched his body to reach out to each and every babies closely to check on them one by one.

The babies apparently know Sunny very well and welcomed his checking on them.

Sunny was very happy to find the babies were doing Okay and wagging its tail happily.

Sunny was sniffing and kissing the babies and make sure they are healthy and happy.

Goldendoodles breed is very famous for their caring behavior and getting along with babies well.

Goldendoodles is also very clever, intelligent and very gentle with human babies.

The mother felt very relief to have their family dog helping to take care the babies.

Please watch the video below to see how sweet Sunny is !

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