Massachusetts State Police Trooper Received Call to Help a Puppy On The Road Found a Coyote Pup Instead

When Massachusetts State Police Trooper Carlo Mastrοmattei received a call to help save an injured puppy on the road.

Trooper Mastrοmattei drove to the reported location and he found an animal staying dormant on the edge of the busy roadway near Suffolk Downs.

Trooper Mastrοmattei was surprised to find out the ‘dog’ is actually a coyote pup who lost his mother.

Mastrοmattei knew the pup needed extra professional care so he contacted environmental, wildlife, and local animal control official instead. But no one picked up the phone at night time, so he contacted Ocean View Kennels in Revere, and the kennel’s owner, Lisa Cutting, responded and helped Trooper Mastromattei secure the pup in a crate.

The next day, οcean View Kennel sent the  cute coyote pup to Tufts Wildlife in North Grafton to get checkup by vet.

The little cute guy will be released back to the wild once he’s confirmed okay by the vet.

Massachusetts State Police posted the cute story on their Facebook page and it immediately went viral and people were praising for the kindness of the police.

“The Department offers its sincere thanks to Trooper Mastrοmattei, his girlfriend, οcean View Kennels, and Tufts for their compassionate care for this beautiful little creature.”

That post ended up being shared more than 3,000 times on Facebook. You can check it out below.

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