Golden Retriever Mistakenly Thought Baby Duck Was Drοwning and Tried to Save It

Viοlet is such a kind Golden Retriever.  She loves little animals just like we do.

When her mom brought her to nearby park for a daily walk,  Viοlet saw a ‘drοwning’ little duck in the lake.  Perhaps the duck was too young to swim like a pro so Viοlet thought the duck was struggling a bit.

Viοlet jumped into the lake and swam towards the little baby duck and held the duck in her mouth and swam towards concrete edge of the lake.

Her mom was obviously not very happy with what Viοlet did, although it’s out of good hearts.

She scolded Viοlet, “Violet, are you for real?  Drop the duck!”

Viοlet could understand clearly the instruction by her mom and dropped the little duck gently on the concrete and looked innocent.

“What did I do wrong?  I am saving the duck from Drοwning and it’s safe now,” Viοlet must be thinking.

After the video was shared on the Internet, netizens all left messages saying: “That’s a duck…it can swim!”, “People don’t need you to save LOL”, “Dogs are so innocent and kind”, “So gentle~”, “Duck’s face with a question mark hahaha”, “Little duck: Are you for real?”

The video went viral in tik tοk and gotten 11k comments from the users.


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