Video Baby Elephant Sits On Keeper’s Lap To Show Affection

Elephants are the largest land animal on earth but they are very intelligent, sensitive and caring animal.  Baby elephants are one of the cutest animals we can find, their big ears and long trunk are what makes them different from others.

This cute video filmed in Pittsburgh Zoo shows a cute elephant walking towards its keeper when the keeper is taking a rest during his busy schedule.

The baby elephant sees the keeper is alone and wants to play with him. It walks towards the keeper and uses its trunk to grab his leg, ‘come play with me,’ the elephant must be thinking.

Video Below

However, the keeper is too tired , he doesn’t want to stand up as the baby elephant wished.

The baby elephant gets no response from the keeper to play with him, so it decides to sit on the keeper lap to share companion.

The keeper can’t believe it and laughs out loud. He didn’t expect the elephant to use him as a chair. Actually the baby elephant is just very playful and wants to show friendliness to the keeper and tell him he’s a good friend and family member.

After sitting on his lap for few seconds, the baby elephant is satisfied and leaves the keeper.

The keeper doesn’t want to see the baby elephant goes so he pulled its tail to ask it to come back.

How cute is that? Elephants are just like dog and cat,  they are also man’s best friend too.

Watch the adorable video here:

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