Video Baby Elephant Wonders Why Girl Has No Trunk and Keeps Searching Her Nose

Elephant trunk is the powerful tool for elephant to do many wonders like grabbing food to eat, transporting woods and defend themselves too.

This cute baby elephant was rescuεd after fallεn into a 15 meter ditch on a tea plantation and was alonε without its family.

The baby elephant was being raised at a wildlife rehabilitation center in India.

It has many new friends in the rehabilitation center, and one day it is enjoying a wonderful afternoon with its big friends and its keeper.

Video below

In the video,  the female keeper wearing a purple t-shirt and jean is relaxing on the ground together with herd of elephants.

The baby elephant is very curious animal.  It walks close to the girl and wonders why she has no trunk like other elephants around.  It starts using its little cute trunk to search for the girl’s nose and wants to ensure she has a trunk too.

The girl is amazed by the curious little baby elephant and let it searches for her ‘trunk’.

Elephant is very caring and gentle animal to human if you treat them well and as a friend.

The girl has full trust on the elephants and let them do all the curious thing.

The baby elephant eventually can’t find any trunk from the girl and it tries to console the girl by touching on her shoulder.  “Don’t cry, one day you will grow your trunk too,” it ‘says’.

Let’s watch the cute video below to see how cute the baby elephant is:

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